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  Leuze Fountain

This fountain is located on the edge of the Palace Garden near the Leuze Mineral Baths.

What looks like cups on the fountain, are really top-hats that are firmly welded to the grids! The handle after remains fruitless. For those who absolutely need a drink of water, the drinking fountain in the entrance area of the Leuze Mineral Baths can be used during opening hours. This fountain is also fed by the Leuze Spring.

In the background, one of the ten Berger Sprudler can be seen. They were constructed for the federal garden show in 1977.

Calcium Ca ++ 561 mg/l
Magnesium Mg ++ 89.4 mg/l
Sodium Na + 659 mg/l
Potassium K + 67.1 mg/l
Iron Fe ++, Fe +++ 1.9 mg/l
Anions   mg/l
Chloride Cl - 932 mg/l
Nitrate NO3 - < 1 mg/l
Sulfate SO4 - - 903 mg/l
Hydrogen Carbonate HCO3 - 1150 mg/l
Total Hardness 99.1 dGH
Dry Residue, 180 °C 4100 mg/l
Temperature 19.6 °C
Dissolved CO2 1490 mg/l

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