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  Veiel Fountain

The fountain is located in an alley of the same name, near house number 10. Both the fountain and the alley own their name to Albert von Veiel (1806-1874), the founder of the first German dermatologicy clinic and honorary citizen of the city of Bad Cannstatt.
The water that flows from the fountainís four pipes contains the minerals sodium, calcium, chloride, sulphate, and hydrogen carbonate.

Calcium Ca ++ 545 mg/l
Magnesium Mg ++ 88.8 mg/l
Sodium Na + 643 mg/l
Potassium K + 62 mg/l
Iron Fe ++, Fe +++ 1.6 mg/l
Anions   mg/l
Chloride Cl - 919 mg/l
Nitrate NO3 - < 1 mg/l
Sulfate SO4 - - 874 mg/l
Hydrogen Carbonate HCO3 - 1180 mg/l
Total Hardness 96.7 dGH
Dry Residue, 180 °C 3980 mg/l
Temperature 18 °C
Dissolved CO2 1270 mg/l

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