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If you are interested in a particular category of hotel, please select the appropriate category. The Hotel Categories have been divided into 4 groups depending upon the cost of a simple double room within the Hotel. Category A consists of Hotels charging from 111 EUR per night, category B 76 - 110 EUR per night, category C 51 - 75 EUR per night, and category D 50 EUR per night and less.

If you are searching for a hotel within a defined town or area of stuttgart, then please select the appropriate area below:

If you are searching for a hotel where you can hold a confernece for a specific number of people, enter here the number of people that must fit into the conference room:

If you are searching for a hotel with special facilities, e.g. swimming pool and sauna, then select the criteria for the facilities required below:

Restaurant Swimming Pool Sauna Credit Cards Accepted Wheel Chair Facilities No Smoking Rooms

Please note that all names entered within searches should NOT be entered using umlaut characters (e.g. ä, ü, ö, etc). This is to allow other people whose keyboards do not include the German umlaut characters to perform successful searches.

If you are searching for information about a particular hotel, and know the name of the hotel then enter the Hotel's name below:

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