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On the 18th April 1994 the idea of the project Stuttgart 21 was publicised . On the 16th January 1996 the result of the possibilities was demonstrated .

The project Stuttgart 21 should contribute to the development of the county capital , the region and the county of Baden Württemberg . Stuttgart 21 is based on a project of the , Deutsche Bahn AG , (German Railway) , whose aim it is to remodel the train connection of Stuttgart , and the specific meaning projected to the high speed route : Paris - Straßbourg - Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - München - Wien - Budapest .

The Deutsche Bahn AG , intends to change the main train station in Stuttgart from a head station to a transit station and sustain an improvement of the train traffic in the region of Stuttgart .

Through the transfer of rail tracks to the underground , the building-ground of the city is not needed anymore and therefore the building evolution of the city will not be obstructed and the space for the railway activity is not needed .

Except for the new building of the main train station , as well as a new tunnel- and bridge building , Stuttgart 21 especially contains a new building for a maintenance station in Untertürkheim and a station for the Filder - region at the Stuttgart airport .

Through the project Stuttgart 21 , there is in the central region of the county capital a good developed area available for services , trade , culture and high quality of living . It is also possible to link the green areas through passages of so called green connections . The ,Green U" , that connects the town centre through the ,Schloßgarten" and the ,Rosensteinpark" with the ,Killesberg" , can therefore be adequately developed .The total development area consists of 100 ha and is divided north easterly of the train station in three part-areas with different characters .

Abb. Stuttgart 21

The Main Station

The protection of the historic building in the main station ( Bonatz-Building) should further exist as a building of character . At the rebuilding of the main station the following aims are set out :

- Optimal access to the establishment of the local- and long distance traffic .

- The possibility of a optimal link between the existing and new planned pedestrian zone in the city centre , as well as a link with the new train station and the station ,Staatsgalerie" .

- Efficient access and parking facilities for busses , taxies and individual traffic .

- Relief of the Schillerstraße by deviating the by passing traffic and shifting the traffic to the Wolframstraße.

Part Area A :

This is a area existing of 28 ha , which is at a central point , very close to the city and train station area , which is very useful for central functions . This area can be used for individual trade , culture and special use for over regional meaning. The immediate boundary next to the Schloßgarten will be partly used for the building of apartments .

Part Area B :

This 43 ha area is distinguish by its neighbourhood of the ,Schloßgarten" , as well as the ,Rosensteinpark" . This offers high quality apartments and in the region of the planned tube station at the Mitternachtstraße which offers job intensive use . A separate decision has to be made during the planing phase , what will happen to the bordering 5 ha big property of the ,Post AG" .

Part Area C :

This area involves a relatively independent region of roughly 29 ha, surrounded by existing city fields , in the area of the former north station , which completes the existing living area ,Nordbahnhof" , as well as the office buildings at the ,Löwenturmzentrum" . Due to the introverted position , improvement to the connection of the street and way net has to be made . The link to the part areas , as well as bordering city areas will get a specific significance during the planing phase .

The construction will start in the year 2000 until 2007 and the opening will be in the year 2008 .

At this point it should not be neglected that this project has found a lot of criticism in the public due to the high costs of 4,8 billion DM . Since the 28th August 1996 , there is a discussion forum on the internet for the project Stuttgart 21 , so that each citizen has the opportunity to give his / her opinion on this project .

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