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  Killesberg Park

This park was the center of a horticultural show in 1939 and therefore features landscape design techniques from the 1930s.

Natural landscape elements combined with architectural ideas and top-quality landscaping make this park a joy to walk through year around.

The summer months are especially attractive, thanks to the many plants of diversified shapes, sizes and colors. Playgrounds give children to the opportunity to play in a colorful atmosphere, cafés invite park visitors to relax outdoors, and there are even animals to look at and an outdoor swimming pool to enjoy.

Another main attraction is the small steam engine train that enables vistors of all ages to enjoy a ride around the park.

Every July the popular Lichterfest takes place. During this event, the park gets decorated with thousands of lanterns, there are activities for the whole family to enjoy and after dark, the visitors can watch a firework show accompanied by music. Bring a blanket to sit on and take this opportunity to visit the park!

More information about the Lichterfest can be found here:


A tower in Killesberg Park offers an amazing panorama view of Stuttgart and the surrounding area. It is worth it to climb to the top and enjoy the view!

Subway - U7, Stop Killesberg-Messe

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