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  Max-Eyth Lake | Recreation in Stuttgart

In the 1920's, there was a gravel pit in Stuttgart-Hofen that had expanded throughout the years. Since that time, the gravel pit has been transformed into a 600 meter long lake --- Max-Eyth Lake.
Named after the Swabian engineer and writer Max Eyth (1836 - 1906), the lake and its surrounding area were put under conservation in 1961.

The area around Max-Eyth Lake has turned into a paradise for hikers, bikers, fishermen and anyone interested in water sports and being outside. Grassy areas allow groups of all sizes to relax under the shade trees, play games on a summer day and even have a barbeque. Near the peninsula, picnickers and people wanting to barbeque will find access to water.

Max-Eyth Lake is the ideal habitat for plants and trees where many rare animal species can be seen as well. An island near the northwest section of the lake is a designated bird protection area where great crested grebes, geese, swans, coots, cormorants and even gray herons make their home.

On the lake's peninsula, there is ample opportunity to rent a boat. Peddle boats, row boats, motorboats - whatever your desire. Swimming in the lake in not permitted.
The restaurant 'Haus am See', located on the lake's northeast shore, offers culinary specialties and provides a relaxing atmosphere.

Subway - U14, Stop Max - Eyth See

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