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  Park Lakes | Rot and Schwarzwild Park

The Rot and Schwarzwild Park has much to boast about: Three lakes that are in close vicinity of each other (Bären Lake, Neu Lake and Pfaffen Lake) and the famous Bärenschlössle make this park one of the most popular in Stuttgart.

Along the lake shores, trees provide shade, encouraging a long walk. Joggers have an excellent place to run - not to mention the sensational view of the water. Park visitors also have the opportunity to relax or have cake and coffee on the terrace at the Bärenschlößle.

Bären Lake, Neu Lake and Pfaffen Lake form a long chain of lakes. Duke Christoph has these lakes installed in 1566 in order to improve Stuttgart's drinking water. Up until 1998, these lakes delivered drinking water to Stuttgart. Today, the lakes serve as an emergency water supply.

Solitude Palace is located approximately three kilometers away
(2 miles) from the lakes.

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