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  Palace Gardens
  The Palace Gardens are made up of three parts - The upper part, the middle part and the lower part. The entire park stretches from the New Palace all the way to Rosenstein Park.

Grassy areas to relax in, fountains, beer gardens, playgrounds, places to barbeque - the park is just full of outdoor activities. The Palace Gardens offer diverse scenery and many walking paths, where people also ride bikes or roller blades from Bad Cannstatt to the main train station in Stuttgart and back.

In the upper part of the park, one will find the New Palace, the Große Haus featuring theater, ballet and opera performances, a rose garden and Ecken Lake.

The Café am See, a beer garden, a pavillion, the planetarium, the Lusthaus ruins and the Palace Lake are all located in the middle section of the park.
The lower part features a hand pump where water from the Schwefel Fountain can be pumped out. There are a few small lakes full of fish as well as the "Berger Sprudler". The mineral baths Leuze and Berg are situated on the southeast side of the lower section of the Palace Garden.
This is also the start of Rosenstein Park, which is located near Wilhelma, Stuttgart's zoo and botanical garden.

The middle part of the Palace Garden can reached by walking out the South end of the main train station.

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