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  Besenwirtschaften: Seasonal Wine Rooms
  The history of the Swabian »Besa« ...

starts around the year 800 with the decree of Karl the Great. This permitted the winegrowers to serve their wine in their own private households.

The tradition has continued to this day with wine sometimes being served in the winegrowers’ living rooms, sometimes in rebuilt stables or side rooms. The winegrowers place a broom ("Besen") in front of their doors as a sign that their homes are now open for visitors.

A "Besenwirtschaft" is a typical Swabian institution: In the comfortable atmosphere, tasting the home-produced wine and eating home-made meals is not only a highlight, but hanging out with the locals and listening to the original dialect is also very exciting! Sometimes there are live bands that perform for the guests. It is really an experience not to miss!

Under law, winegrowers may run a Besenwirtschaft without restaurant permission in their own home, however, not for longer than four months out of the year and not for more than two different periods of time. We recommend that you find out beforehand whether the "Besa" is open or not!

Have fun exploring and trying out the numerous restaurants around Stuttgart!

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