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  Old Palace & The Württemberg Museum

  During the 13th century, a water-surrounded castle stood here. This castle was later the headquarters for counts and dukes in the 14th century.

Under the supervision of Dukes Christoph and Ludwig, the castle was reconstructed in the middle of the 16th century into a renaissance castle.

The inner courtyard, with its splendid arcades, is a result of the modification and is considered to be a showpiece of renaissance architecture. In the 18th century, the moat around the castle was removed. The entire building was heavily damaged in the Second World War.
During the reconstruction, the premises of the
castle was also converted into the Württemberg Museum.
The Württemberg Museum

Schillerplatz 6
70173 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711 / 2 79 34 98

 Homepage of the Museum

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm

Adults: 3 Euro
Reduced: 2 Euro
Children under 14: Free
Groups over 10 people (per person): 2 Euro
School classes, per person
(9th grade or higher): 50 cents

Accompanying teachers: Free

Pictured above at Karls Square in Stuttgart is the Horseman Monument featuring Kaiser Wilhelms I.

During the summer months, it is wonderful to sit in the shade and eat cake at the nearby Grand Café Planie. The Fish Market from Hamburg offers specialties from Northern Germany and is set up for 10 days every year in July near Karls Square.

Karls Square also gives flea market enthusiasts the chance to wander around every Saturday throughout the entire year.

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