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  Rotenberg Chapel
  According to the wishes of King Wilhelm I, the Rotenberg Chapel was constructed between 1820 and 1824 as the resting place for his late wife Katharina.

It features a round dome with its four porticoes and was modeled after the Villa Rotonda in Vicenza, Italy. Giovanni Salucci supervised the construction of this chapel as well as the Rosenstein Palace.

King Wilhelm I, his wife and their daughter, Marie Friederike Charlotte are buried here today in magnificant marble coffins.
A great view of Stuttgart can be seen from the Rotenberg Chapel.

Württembergstraße 350
70327 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711 / 66 73-43 31
or 0711 / 33 71 49

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Bus: No. 61 from the train station in Untertürkheim - Stop Rotenberg
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